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Looking for musicians for secret PAX project!

RendRend Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in PAX Archive
Hello, paxgoers. I am looking for 2-4 musicians for a little project I have been working on in my head for a bit.

The requirements are thus:
1. You must be able to read music well. Specifically, treble clef. But I guess that doesn't matter too much.
2. Preferably have some experience playing woodwinds, but not necessarily required.
3. Have no qualms about being up in front of crowds of people (if you've played concerts, this should be no problem)
4. You must be at pax on thursday night so we can meet up and get our game plan straight.

With any luck and motivation, this should be pretty cool. Post in this thread if you are interested, and I'll send you a PM with a couple of the details on the what's where's and when's.

Rend on


  • chicazulchicazul Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Eh, if you can't find anyone else, I'm already preparing to embarrass myself musically in front of PAX at large.


    1) I can read both treble and bass clef, but fairly slowly. I cheap out by memorizing tunes quickly.
    2) I played a clarinet once. The results were...underwhelming. I'm trying to learn the recorder before PAX.
    3) See how I started this post?
    4) There are dinner and party plans for my (very large) group that night, but I will be in Seattle as of Thursday morning.

    All that said, I highly recommend choosing people more musically talented than I. If you're stuck though, I'll be around.

    chicazul on
  • proXimityproXimity Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    This looks to be up my alley (meet all the reqs, play bassoon)... that said, I am an enforcer, so I may not be available at certain times (don't have my schedule yet, enforcing comes first). PM me if you'd like, though, and we'll see.

    proXimity on
  • trickycooljtrickycoolj Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I'm intrigued! My info is below. If I can help out, awesome! If you find awesomer people, no problemo.

    1. Learned in 1996
    2. Oboe (Haven't played on a regular basis in about 5 or so years so I'm a tad rusty and need to acquire reeds that aren't ancient, but I've been looking for an excuse to practice)
    Plus a bit of Alto Sax (if you consider pep band musical)
    3. Oboes always get stuck with solos... but I've also given training webinars to the whole state of CA for work. Besides if it's cool, no better than being in front of the PAX crowd!
    4. I'm local and work downtown so not a biggie.

    trickycoolj on
  • HypatiaHypatia Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Not sure if I'll fit the qualifications, but:

    1) No problem on reading music
    2) Clarinet but I'm really rusty, if you have the music to practice I could definitely work on the getting up to snuff. Technically I can play tenor sax too but I don't own one of those
    3) Played concerts before, no biggie
    4) We're flying on on Thursday night, so depending on the time I could meet up

    Hypatia on
  • CHEESUSCHEESUS Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Hello there, I am intrigued enough to post!

    1) Reading music is no problem
    2 )I play the sax professionally
    3) Played plenty of festivals and clubs so crowds are no problem for me
    4) I'll be arriving thursday evening. I will be staying in a hotel a block away from PAX.

    CHEESUS on
  • JinkaJinka Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    1) Reading music is second nature to me
    2) I'm a performance major on bassoon
    3) I perform a ton, so I'm fine front of crowds
    4) I can be there on Thursday night, baring my enforcer schedule putting me to work then. I do have something on Friday morning, so if thats a problem just count me out.

    Jinka on
  • thespiffyneostarthespiffyneostar Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Count me in.

    1) I sing tenor, and higher on occasion, play electric bass, tuba, trombone, euphonium, auxillary percussion (anything not requiring a drumstick) and piano
    2) not much woodwind experience, other instruments listed above.
    3) I've performed on international stages to crowds of thousands (example, Baseball games). a few thousand sweaty nerds won't scare me.
    4) I live in redmond.

    if you need to contact me, shoot me an e-mail at: thespiffyneostar (at) gmail (dot) com

    thespiffyneostar on
  • TeletheusTeletheus Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Only woodwinds? No brass and/or percussion?

    Teletheus on
    PSN/XBL/Steam/Twitter: Teletheus
  • NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I don't know what exactly you're planning, but PM me if you need the Jamspace to be a part of it. We'd love to help!

    NickTheNewbie on
  • RendRend Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Sorry,w as a bit busy for the weekend, everyone. Thanks for your interest, I'll get back to you all very shortly.

    Rend on
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