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Deploy applications automatically to new machines?

BeltaineBeltaine BOO BOO DOO DE DOORegistered User regular
I've been using Ninite recently to install apps quickly on new systems when needed.

Is there anything out there that will let me do something similar to Ninite on my Windows Server-based network here at work using our specific applications?

We only use just a few that aren't browser-based anymore, but putting in new machines is still a PITA hassle to do because of this.

I have researched and built Universal workstation images in the past, but it's clunky and as time goes on it becomes more difficult to keep that image up-to-date and working.

If I could start with a fresh install of XP, kick off an executable over the network and walk away from the machine knowing it would be set up and ready to go, that would be ideal.

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    QuantuxQuantux Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Here is tool from the horses mouth: SCCM You can set up "collections" like: Machines in OU "Finance" get: Excel. Unfortunately it's not free and I don't know what the licensing specifics are, but it's worth a look (free trial and all that).

    In other words you can make a base image for desktops, and then based on the "role" of that machine it gets X packages, and when you want to deploy a service pack for excel or something, you can set it as advertised to the group that needs it and the client app will go get it and install it (or whatever you tell it to do).

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    HydroSqueegeeHydroSqueegee ULTRACAT!!!™®© Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    We have a SCCM team at work. Its nice and is pretty robust.

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    ryjasenryjasen Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Have you ever considered using a script to launch the setups from an open network share? We use symantec's client management solution at my company to handle our application support, it works essentially the same as SCCM.

    If you're just looking for something simple to kickoff some application installs after the image I'd just write a vbscript, put it in your image, and then launch that via a runonce key. The solution to your request depends pretty heavily on your environment, cost, and what you feel is best practice.

    If you're talking about something with hardware independent imaging, that's a whole different beast.

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