Installing Windows XP on Augen Tablet, can it be done?

jgeisjgeis Registered User regular
So I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I've also never really been into them to the point I could answer all of my questions concerning installing a new operating system on something like the Augen Gentouch. I've installed operating systems on plenty of computer systems, but not on something like this.

Basically, I feel like I should be able to get Windows XP onto a SD card and boot it from the Augen Tablet. Is this at all working in the right direction? Or could I install it on the Augen's built in memory (2GB total)?

And even if I were able to get the operating system installed, will the touch screen work? This feels like my biggest concern, since I don't want the thing to be completely unusable.

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    japanjapan Registered User regular
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    Is there a version of XP that runs on ARM processors?

    EDIT: It seems not, there was talk of a version of XP embedded for ARM, but it looks like you're stuck with Windows CE/Mobile.

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    According to wikipedia, it's an Android device. So you should look at Linux distro's for ARM compile targets.

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