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Robots; Stabbing [Plain Sight on Steam $2]

CymrilCymril Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in Singularity Engine++

"In short: Top Gun with Samurai Robots." -Kieron Gillen

Killing gets you energy, energy makes you stronger. Explode yourself to turn energy into points and use points buy upgrades to help you kill more robots and get more energy. Every surface has it's own gravity, jump towards the ceiling and you'll start to fall towards it.

There's the rote standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, as well as a variant on King of the Hill in which you explode to claim territory, and Robozilla mode, where everyone must team up against one super powered player.

Patch 1.2 has just gone live and they've included a new map, new achievements, a persistent character system and hats, quoting “It worked for TF2, right?”

Normally, this fine game would set you back $10, but until Thursday, you can get it for as little as 2 of our earth dollars. Or even cheaper at $6 for a 4 pack.

Here's how it looks in motion:
Understand that Plain Sight is a multiplayer indie game for PC, available on Steam, about murderous, explosive, acrobatic robots battling one another with katanas in a web of gravitational fields. It’s part flight sim, part Jedi Knight, part vertigo-inducing spectacle, part experiment and all risk-reward. What kind of a monster would go and break apart a game like that to say whether it’s worth buying? You might as well dissect a woman to determine that yes, she has healthy kidneys and firm, spongy lungs and is therefore probably worth going out with.

The following people are interested in splitting a four pack, either PM me or post your interest below:

Senor Tacos

When you buy the game you also get the Server files, so it anyone wants to set one up (or someone already has) let me know.

Steam ID List: Name - ID

Cymril - Chaostheory22

Shut up Francis. Something about Vietnam. Horseshit.

D3: Cymril#1411 || League of Legends/Steam/Xbox/Origin: Cymril
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