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SOLVED PLEASE LOCK - Crazy Xbox Elite HDMI troubles

StormwatcherStormwatcher BleghBlughRegistered User regular
So I bought this used Xbox 360 Elite from a friend of mine, and a new 23" Full HD PC monitor with a HDMI port.
I plugged the PC via the DVI port and the Xbox via the HDMI port, and they both worked fine. I have to use the Stereo/digital out dongle with the HDMI port to connect the Xbox to a 2.1 speaker combo, because the monitor doesn't have speakers.

Last week it worked fine, and I could switch from Xbox to PC without trouble.

I went back to "real home" during the weekend (I work at a town 2hrs from Rio de Janeiro, and I spend the week here) and when I got here last monday, the Xbox wouldn't output an image if I had the stereo dongle on.

I get a full HD picture without the dongle, or sound with a black screen. The monitor IS getting a signal, but it's just black. As soon as I remove the stereo dongle, the Xbox restarts and the picture shows up.

I tried fussing with the console and monitor options, no dice.

this is my monitor.

Thanks guyse.

turns out my monitor has a secret phone port at the back...and the xbox was routing the sound to it. Why the heck it didn't get screwed last week i don't know.

Mods, please lock

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