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Double-Posted (Please Delete)

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The quick of it is, I need something to edit the tags of a large numbers of sound files. I've been ripping and ignoring my CDs since a bit before WMP11 came out. I used WMP10 prior to that, and loved it. It was great for quickly running through tagging stuff.

WMP11 decided to kneecap that, and wasn't very handy, so I gave up. I recently tried again, only to find out that WMP12 doesn't have any tagging capabilities at all. Instead, you get this weak little bar at the bottom of the explorer window, when selecting a file. This is not an ideal way to tag things.

So, with years of piled up CDs, I want to get this stuff tagged so I can use it on my computer, all nice and compartmentalized. WMP10 was a perfect system for this, WMP11 was too weak to bother, and WMP12 has nothing (sure, I could rollback, but my experience with rollbacks on XP weren't pleasant).

Anybody have recommendations for programs, not for converting files or playing files, but with a focus on editing tags? I was thinking Winamp, which I haven't used since 2005, so I'm uncertain if its any good these days. If it makes a difference, I'm running Win7 x64, so programs will need to compatible.

And apparently WMP11 came out in 2006. I didn't realize how long it'd been, but I'd like to wade through the forest of "Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Etc".

We don't even care... whether we care or not...
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