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Funky Stuttering/Connection issues

AlectharAlecthar Alan ShoreWe're not territorial about that sort of thing, are we?Registered User regular
Okay, so in the normal use of my computer sometimes I'll experience really odd stuttering. Basically all activity freezes for a half second and it does this repeatedly, sometimes for a minute or two, sometimes only for a few seconds. It seems to vary in how much it affects running applications. Sometimes the stuttering will only affect mouse movement and the game I'm playing, but my music running in the background will continue to play without interruption, sometimes my music will stutter as well. Sometimes alt-tabbing to the desktop relieves the stuttering while I'm on the desktop, other times I'm not so lucky.

Additionally, the stuttering seems to cause excessive latency issues when I'm playing WoW or League of Legends. It's difficult to judge how significantly it impairs simple internet browsing.

The stuttering doesn't appear to be consistent. It seems to happen more often when I'm playing games, but it's happened while internet browsing as well, and at no point am I pushing my computer beyond what I built it to handle.

I don't really have a handle on what exactly might be causing this, and it's so inconsistent (sometimes it can be hours between spells, sometimes only minutes) that it's hard to judge if I'm doing something that might contribute to the problem.

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  • theclamtheclam Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Could be a bad hard drive. Run chkdsk c: /r from the command prompt.

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