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Recharging A/C in car (1995 Sable)

DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
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I have a 1995 Sable, and I am having problem finding the low port for doing the measuring/ A/C Charge process. I haven't done this before, but I have the kit and it seemed easy enough. I did some troubleshooting on the A/C, and wanted to give this a go, if it says the ac is full, or this doesnt work after a 20$ refill, I am not bothering with getting it fixed. To get the basics out of the way, I am almost 100% positive the car does use R134a instead of the older stuff.

I did find a video of someone doing it to the same model car as mine, however the cap on mine has a giant red H on it, which makes me believe its the high port. It is also under a giant plastic sheath that goes over the area of the hood, that after much effort I was not able to remove. It is kind of preventing me from attempting a connection. I had read its on the line between part X and Y, but no description of what part X and Y look like (I have to dig up the names of part X and Y), or where those parts were.

The line where I think it is shortly hits a large cylinder(rounded ends) after the port, and then a pipe coming out of it leads towards the interior of the car. The other issue here is I cannot find 2 ports, just 1.

I can go get a picture if this would help things. Ill post 1-2 pictures later. Yes I am a cheap asshole who didn't take his car to Jiffylube to get this done, and I felt like trying to learn something about my car.

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    It does use R-134a. Is it a 3.0 or a 3.8? It (should be) a black-capped quick disconnect (not a threaded) connection, either up by your intake manifold or near your firewall

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