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Meet ThinkGeek's Timmy mascot in costume!

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Hi all! Just an FYI for the other Think Geek fans out there:

We're covering PAX for our site, and Think Geek (purveyors of nerd clothes, toys, and awesomeness) sent along their mascot, Timmy, to enjoy the show with us. They've sent a couple costumes for us to dress him up in, and if you're a fan of their particular brand of geekery, grabbing a picture with him should be pretty easy. We'll have him in his Jayne hat (from Firefly) on Friday, dressed up as Yoda on Saturday, and dressed in Spider-Man's black symbiote costume on Sunday.

While walking around the show floor, if you see this handsome gent:


That's me! Andrew! And yes, I will be wearing that exact shirt, so that's exactly the goofy dude you need to look for. Stop me and ask for some stuff, or to get a picture taken with Timmy. We have some fun stuff from our site, but we also have a VERY limited amount of packs of Geek a Week trading cards by Len Peralta, courtesy of Think Geek. The Geek a Week cards will be a bit harder to come by, you'll need to win those somehow (I promise it will be easy, right now I'm thinking you'll need to roll a diplomacy check...). All the other stuff is while supplies last. Just remember, if you see the blue fauxhawk, the nerd van dyke facial hair, and the GFBR shirt featuring Adam Levermore's awesome design (you may know him as the guy who designed the "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" tee shirt), you've got the right guy! To follow where we are at any given moment, you can follow us on Twitter, @GFBRobot, or email me to see where we might be at a certain time (andrew AT gfbrobot DOT com). As of right now, I know we'll be around the Wizards booth Friday morning around 11 AM to noon-ish, so that would be a good place to start.

PS - Also, my luck is your luck! While cruising around Seattle I picked up some Dunny 2010 figures, and got a couple duplicates of Esther Kim's Ice Cream design. The first two people to ask for them get them, so if you're a vinyl toy lover be sure to ask for one if you see me on Friday morning!

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    captjaggedcaptjagged Registered User new member
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    And here's Timmy cosplaying as Yoda today! Look for us to get a picture with him and some swag, and if your picture is awesome enough I've been told that perhaps Think Geek will make you internet famous and post it as a customer action shot!


    (PS - I've still got one Dunny left, first person to ask for it gets it!)

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