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Designed after the original Ultima Online, Mortal Online is a throwback to the traditional play ran sandbox MMO, and it uses the Unreal engine (pictures spoilered for big):





Anybody have any more information on it? The site is insane and not very clear on anything. Is it in alpha? Is it in beta? Why can you buy a boxed version when there's a download available on the site? Is it currently free to play?

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    I think this is the thread you are looking for:

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    I think this is the thread you are looking for:

    That is the thread I'm looking for. Thought it disappeared for good.

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    1. Not really, the game is very unclear and as of last time I played it half of the features weren't in and the other 45% did not work right

    2. I believe the game is 'released' at this point, but should probably still be in alpha

    3. You can only purchase it off there site, I think they went with the digital plan to save money by not printing it (plus you need to get stores to carry it and then also have it compete for shelf space)

    4. It costs money at this point I think.

    tldr; the game had very high hopes from a lot of us but even though we tried to look past the bad it is impossible and will break your heart.

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    Its released, costs money. Still a decent share of bugs... its enjoyable if you work past those bugs.

    There is in fact active stuff going on in the game. PVP, crafting, player cities, etc. But again, gotta see past lag and bugs, I'm currently not playing it and doubt I will anytime soon. But ya, its there and still going...

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    So I recently started playing this game. Joined a guild [RLC] - Relic. Good guys. If you are interested in a 3D UO type game, I suggest giving the game a try. It is free to play, really free to try, if you like the game you will want to subscribe and make a character that isn't gimped.

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