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Days of our [chat]

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Meet EJ and Sami. You see that look on her face? That's because EJ just slipped a shiv into her kidney. This is right after EJ stole their baby that Nicole swapped and Sami shot him in the head. But before she left Rafe for EJ and was engaged to him for the second time and Rafe and EJ tried to kill each other. Then EJ got his face shot off and now Sami is engaged to Rafe but Rafe is fucking crazy and is stalking Nicole because even though EJ is sans face and guilty of stealing Sami's baby that wasn't really hers but a little girl who gave up the baby for adoption, Rafe is damn sure Nicole did it because she secretly wants to get into Sami's pants after her sex change operation.

I can't fucking wait until tomorrow's episode.

Sheep on
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