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Maken: Deus Ex Machina [DC]

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No, not that game.



That one.

A really awesome first person slasher(you read that right) that almost no one played, despite receiving high praise both abroad and in the states.

The developers? Atlus' own R&D1. The Persona team.

So of course it's good. And weird.

The protagonist, Kei('Kay' in the US version).


The daughter of a mad scientist who invents a sword which can steal the minds of users, and use their bodies. It makes Kei its first victim, and from there, takes her spirit along to steal the bodies of any bosses you befriend and/or kill.

In true SMT tradition, Maken X has a ton of branching paths, and some Law/Chaos drama, leading to multiple endings.

While the story's nothing to write home about,


the gameplay is pure awesome.


Everything takes place from a first-person perspective. Except instead of gunning down enemies, you cut them to pieces.

The game also lets you lock onto enemies and jump over them, inflicting more damage if you attack from behind.

Additionally, since you can possess just about any boss in the game(ranging from Indian crab-spikers to robotic vice presidents to The Pope), there's a ton of playable characters.

Oh, and the art was done by Kazuma Kaneko himself, so expect lots of crazy enemies.

Uh, there was also a PS2 remake. Only got a release in the UK!


Though sadly, I hear it's nowhere near as good as the DC original.


It made the action third-person. Ech.

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    I specifically remember seeing the PS2 version around a bunch in local games shops a lot and thinking it looked cool, but I didn't have a PS2 at the time. Also foolish past me hadn't discovered the joy of Atlus, Kaneko and Meguro. I wonder if I could find it again...

    I have recently been listening to the soundtrack however, gone on a bit of a Meguro kick. It's as great as expected.

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