Summer-of-Love Indie Bundle - 6 great games, $20

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If you are not a silly goose of questionable taste, you love indie games. Chances are, you already know about this. However, just in case, ladies and gentlemen, I give you...



"The Summer-of-Love Indie Bundle" - AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!, Brainpipe, Captain Forever, Cogs, Saira, and Space Giraffe for only $19.99. Pretty sweet deal. And if you already have one (or more) of these, you can gift the individual games to others, too.

ALSO, they've brought back the original "Indie Bundle of Love" - And Yet It Moves, Auditorium, Aztaka, Eufloria, Machinarium, Osmos - also for $19.99.


Or buy them both, and get all 12 games for only $29.99! Sale ends on 11:59PM EST next Weds. 9/22, so get with it, folks!

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