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Fetish [chat]

AriviaArivia Registered User
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  • AriviaArivia Registered User
    edited September 2010
    I have added mines to my list of fetishes

    I laid in bed last night, thinking of falling over in orgasm at the sight of redstone

    and having Mori piledrive me into the ground, choking on all the coal dust my heels kick up as I writhe

    Arivia on
  • FeralFeral MEMETICHARIZARD along with you if I get drunk well I know I'm gonna be gonna be the man whoRegistered User regular
    edited September 2010
    I have a fetish.

    It's a bear claw with a symbol of protection carved in it.

    It keeps tigers away. I know it works because I haven't been mauled by tigers yet.

    Feral on
    every person who doesn't like an acquired taste always seems to think everyone who likes it is faking it. it should be an official fallacy.
    the "no true scotch man" fallacy.
  • Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!! Cambridge. MAModerator mod
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