landline phone and ADSL2+ problem

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Hey all,

So I've just moved up to ADSL2+ but have encountered a strange problem. ADSL2+ works fine, as long as there is no land line phone plugged in anywhere in the house. As soon as you plug one in, the internet goes crazy slow (unusable), and pings record 25-50% loss. Anyone have any ideas? Is this weird? Would a new ADSL2+ line filter on the phone fix this? Is this my problem or the ISPs?

thanks for any ideas

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    Does sound like the filter isn't working right. In my city the DSL guys will just deliver you more for free if you need them, might want to just give your ISP a buzz.

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    even with a filter noise can leak from regular phones over DSL

    Try process of elimination first to try to figure out where it's coming from. Try different jacks and phones see if there's any difference.

    If you can log into your router it might be easier to tell when you're getting massive packet loss.

    Sounds like you have a different ISP and phone company. Call your ISP first and they'll probably have to deal with the phone company for you. Unfortunately lots of ISPs won't cover stuff that goes on within your house. But still they can check the line for noise issues remotely and see if the phone company can do anything.

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    I'm assuming your phone and DSL service share the same line? If not, there may be another issue. If so, read on.

    It does sound like a filter issue. Ensure that a DSL filter is in place between any phone in the house and the wall jack, otherwise you could experience issues like this. These filters are low-pass, meaning they let lower frequencies used for voice communication (usually 300-4000Hz) pass through while they attenuate the higher frequencies - in this case the frequencies your DSL connection uses. With a bad filter in place (or no filter at all) you can be subjected to shitty connection speeds or decent amounts of noise during a phone call.

    If a new filter doesn't fix the problem, let me/us know.

    Out of curiosity, what is your current setup like? For example, DSL line comes into the office, connects to DSL modem, phone connected to back of modem off of phone port, etc.

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