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[EverQuest 2 Extended] Free Station Cash: Just how annoying is it?

TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
edited October 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So my wife and I have been playing Everquest 2 Extended for a couple weeks and having a lot of fun, but the limitations of the free accounts are starting to become extra annoying. I noticed you could get free Station Cash by clicking referral links on the website and filling out surveys, or forms to search for car insurance rates. Has anybody done this? Exactly how much spam and annoying phone calls would I be signing myself up for if I did this? It should all be pretty legit, since this is through Sony, but on the other hand they're the company that put rootkits on CDs so you never know.

Also does anyone know if it's possible to transfer Station Cash from one account to another? I seem to have a little bit in my account, probably due to the fact that I apparently once registered long ago to try out Pax Nora, which means that with only one or two referral things I could get enough to upgrade both our accounts to Silver without having to give out both our information.
edit: Hah, this thread is already the top search result for 'everquest 2 "free station cash" '. Oh Google, your spiders are so swift.

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