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Hey guys, I'm working on the present for my boyfriend, and part of it is a drawing. I keep screwing it up (I'm better at landscapes and flowers than poeple), and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or could maybe draw it for me.

Details in the spoiler box below. Oh, and just in case- please do not mention this outside of this thread- my boyfriend hangs out in other areas of this forum and I don't want him finding out by mistake :P
Okay, so the picture. Its basically a bunch of superheroes, either in the same picture or seporate. It doesn't need to be all of the ones mentioned, but a few would be nice.

Background behind this is that he wrote this story about some superheroes, and it was pretty damn good. It got a HD, I think, in his university writing class and he's been planning to expand it into a book. So I thought it would be really sweet to do a picture(s) of some or all of the main heroes/villans that he created. What do poeple think?

okay, well specifications:
First of all, none of these have capes. And he described the ones with masks as three-quarter sized masks, kinda like batman's.

Main Character-
-fastest thing in the world (moves so fast he becomes energy)
-blue/white streamlined
-goggles rather than mask

Character Two- (sort of a general "superman" archetype)
-an alien, but looks human except that he is silver.
-all red costume with a meteor on it
-no mask
-similar hair cut to superman, but blonde and no curl

Character Three-
-communes with elemental spirits
-green outfit, reminisent of chinease outfits
-3/4 mask

Character Four-
-fire-bender type bad guy
-black trenchcoat (stereotypical bad guy look)

Character Five- (His favourite)
-batman archetype (rich kid with gadgets and acrobatic), but a fox.
-no tail, bronze armour and mask.

Any advice or pictures would be good. Drawn on computer is also preffered, but I'm open to suggestion.
Thank you!

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    Stupid Mr Whoopsie NameStupid Mr Whoopsie Name Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    Can you post what you've got so far?

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    The.White.AcreThe.White.Acre Registered User regular
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    This is an attempt at a mask for character five

    Like I said, they aren't very good because poeple are not really my forte. Any advice for improvement?

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    winter_combat_knightwinter_combat_knight Registered User regular
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    I think the best thing would be to get a family member of friend to pose for you and shoot a few reference photos - and stick to that as much as possible. You say people are your weakness, so work from a strong reference and measure things up as best as you can (proportions, weight distribution, light source etc.) while adding in your creative elements. It will help so much and will give a better result.

    in regards to ideas
    Main Character = "moves so fast he becomes a blur"

    While motion lines do imply 'speed', maybe blend them more into his body. look at some pictures of The Flash and Fantastic Four for ideas.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
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    WCK's advise is probably the best way to go about this at short notice.
    Either that or you can commission someone to do it on your behalf, this would involve a cash exchange. I know Ikage is doing commissions at the moment, I have no idea what her schedule is like but she is certainly more than capable.

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    Rudie FailsRudie Fails Registered User regular
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    The White Acre- to fix up your art: it's not that you're bad at drawing people. people are the things we are most capable of drawing (though they are often the hardest for various reasons) one of the easiest ways to make something appear better is through form. people with an untrained eye won't miss shading, but form sticks out literally like a sore thumb. your people are very stiff.

    something i could suggest is drawing in real life. but otherwise there's this website called pose maniacs.

    hope i helped.

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    WastingPenguinsWastingPenguins Registered User regular
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    If this is a present for your boyfriend, why get someone else to draw it? It'll be much more meaningful if you draw it yourself. If you need to crank this out by some deadline (his birthday or whatever the occasion is) then I wouldn't worry about trying to improve your fundamental drawing skills. That takes a lot of time. For now, your drawings are fine. Just do the best you can, he'll love it no matter what.

    On the other hand, if you're asking about how to improve your figure drawing skills in the long run, then that deserves a different, more detailed answer. Is that what you're asking?

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