Allan Ohr's web comic.

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Just want to leave a link to a friends webcomic.
He's just in the beginners phase of this, and still figuring out more about style
and storyline, but check out some of his work that's allready out there and
give some feedback if you like.

DMAC Edit: Nope, sorry.


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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
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    The comics not the worst I've seen, but if your friend wants feed back, he has to come post the comic himself and be looking for feedback. We have rules against posting someone elses art and site whoring. If hes serious about improving, convince him to post!

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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
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    This violates two of the forum rules:
    5 ) Post Your Own Work
    If your pal is an awesome artist, then encourage him/her to sign up and post the art him/herself. Don't post artwork on someone else's behalf and demand critique.

    7 ) No Site-Whoring
    Site-whoring, plugging, or advertising of your personal Website, product, or Webcomic of any kind will not be tolerated. You can include a link to your site/gallery in your sig, but do not start a new thread simply directing people to your site.

    This thread will be locked. As Iruka said, if your friend wants to post here himself and get some feedback on his work, that's fine.

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