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emergency Samsung printer help!

hatedinamericahatedinamerica Registered User regular
edited October 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So, a week or two ago my work printer showed the message "replace imaging unit soon"

I continued printing with it and didn't notice any issues, all the while looking into what exactly an "imaging unit" is and how to get a new one. After alot of scrounging around town and online, I decided to order one from Amazon (surprisingly hard part to find, for some reason). So it finally stopped printing and the message now reads "replace imaging unit."

Today I put in a brand-new imaging unit (super-easy modular type deal, like ink cartridges) and it continues to say "replace imaging unit" and won't print.

Somebody please help me, the rest of the internet seems to know almost nothing about these fucking hell-spawned machines, and I need to be printing things DAYS AGO and yet here I am, both feet up my own ass, without a leg to stand on. I absolutely, positively, fucking DEFINITELY need to be printing things out today, tomorrow, and every single day for the rest of eternity. This will not fucking do, not one bit.

I posted the question on Fixya, but I don't have much confidence in some random website I've never heard of, so here I am.

The printer is a CLX-3175FN, for reference.

p.s. The printer did not come with a paper manual. It came with a digital manual on a disk, but it's so big it makes my computer crash just trying to read it. GODDAMN

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  • hatedinamericahatedinamerica Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Just spent the last 30 minutes taking out all the parts, shaking them up, and replacing them. It didn't seem to work, but against my better judgement and logic, I kept doing it....then it DID work!

    So thanks for nothing everybody! :P You can lock this now

    hatedinamerica on
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