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Feature Creeps - A Game Industry blog

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First off, full disclosure: This is a blog I contribute to and I have an interest in seeing it do well, however, I bring it here because I think the PA community would actually really like it and .. well, we don't have many visitors since we haven't promoted it much :lol

So anyways,

Feature Creeps is a blog were a bunch of people actually in the game industry publish articles relates to it, topics range from game design to animation, to art theory and shit, we even got an engineer turned producer in there that talks about fuck knows what. Everybody involved is fairly young, mid 20's to early 30's and we liked the idea of discussing the industry from the point of view of people who have to physically contribute to it on an everyday basis. It's not something you see often and we think it's a cool concept.

The site updates pretty frequently as we have 4 dudes contributing weekly, plus we have started to have guest appearances. We're planning to be in this for the long haul so please check it out, if you hate it then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

If you don't hate it, thats cool too :)

You can check out the site here and on twitter.

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