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I need a new haircut!

AcidtrippedAcidtripped Registered User regular
edited November 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
First some background: I've always had long hair. Kinda a shag look, cover me eyes and ears, etc. I went to Catholic (/facepalm) private school for both elementary and high school. It sucked. I was in trouble every other day for having long hair. They'd threaten to call my parents blah blah but it didn't matter. I was gonna have long hair damnit!! So college rolled around, and my kneejerk reaction after being told so long to get it cut was to do the opposite. So I grew the shit down to my waist. However, unlike your typical hippie-length hair I properly washed/conditioned the shit so it stayed nice. Few years ago I got it cut to a Kobain (or so my friends told me) -ish length and now I'm wearing something like what I had in high school .. funny how things seem so cyclical. The other day I was stepping outta' the shower and stood for a second, staring at myself in the mirror, before realizing I had a pretty epic widow's peak goin' on. So with the punches I roll - and to a degree I want to get short hair for a change in my life. I haven't the slightest clue as to what to do for a short hairstyle. The only thing I've looked at is Jude Law-ish since he has a widow's peak. I dunno' what would compliment my face shape well and have asked my sis / gf (who doesn't like the idea too much but meh) with no luck finding something I would like.

Would any of you have comments, suggestions, criticisms?

Current hair:

Shot of the widow's peak epicness:

I got a big head .. or so I've been told before by this douchebag that sold Indiana Jones hats in MGM studios when I was a kid. God that memory has stuck with me for forever and a half.

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    EshEsh Tending bar. FFXIV. Motorcycles. Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    edited November 2010
    Find a good, "hip", hair cutting place. Not in the mall. Their job is to figure out what will look best on you. Spend the money and put yourself in their hands.

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    LiiyaLiiya Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    Don't chop all of your hair off, it's lovely!

    I'd suggest perhaps putting a few layers in, so you have a bit more volume and so you can see through your fringe.

    I wouldn't go any shorter than this as it suits you long, like this perhaps:



    Do you see what I mean by layers?

    I would take the time to find something you like, your hair is an investment and should be treated as such. Don't let the hairdresser do whatever they want or get them to choose something, its a recipe for disaster. Feel free to ask their opinion and look through their stylist magazines (if they have any), and don't feel pressured into getting your hair cut there and then.

    God those pictures are cheesy.

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    AcidtrippedAcidtripped Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    I do agree with ya' Esh - this lesson I've learned for myself once and don't intend to let it happen again.

    Also Lilya I know what'cha mean by layers. That was the regular maintenance I did when I had my hair down to my waist in length x_x;

    Though I came here asking for advice, and I do appreciate yall's input so far believe me, I don't intend to rush into this and let some demon barber go to town on my head. Just getting input from as many places as possible before I make any decision. :D

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    soxboxsoxbox Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    The problem with a more layered haircut like that is that your hair looks really really fine - you'd may need to bulk it up with a bunch of product to make it work like either of the pictures that lilya posted - not sure if a lot of product is your thing? You look more like a wash, condition and leave it type of guy.

    I think your hair actually looks quite good in the photo where you've pulled it back. Perhaps try styling it to sit back like that and have a little quiff - not sure if the balance of your current haircut would allow you to just do it as is or whether you'll need to cut to style (you'll always want to cut to style in the end, but playing around with your hair as-is can give you some ideas).

    Edit: I just did an GIS on quiff - just wanted to clarify that I don't mean any of the ridiculous overdone crap the fills the search results. I meant Rock Hudson, not costume party level rockabilly (though probably a little less conservative than rock for the rest of the hair, but that's what I'm thinking at the front).

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    FagatronFagatron Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    Our hair seems to have about the same consistency and length going on. Mine is this way because I am growing it out. Here is what I do with it:


    Sometimes it comes out exceptionally good due to a combination of dark magic, brushing it on top of my head repeatedly, and humidity.


    And sometimes I'm a doctor.


    This has been styled by a reputable Irish lady stylist my girlfriend made me go to because it was getting all mullety as it grew out, and the trick to getting it to do that, instead of the down in your eyes thing yours has got going on; is in the morning, when it is wet, and I've just brushed it out and it's got the residue from the conditioner on it, I brush it all down straight like it would sit normally, then I sort of throw my head to the side so it divides along that same natural part yours has got going on. It splits pretty obviously at this point, like yours has, I define it a little bit, clean up the split, but only at the front and not all the way back because full side parts are for five year olds and people with short hair, then I push the part that sits over my eye aggressively to the side and back over my head a little bit. As it dries out more I generally run my fingers back through that part because it ends up more defined and tousled, but, as long as I set it how I want it when it's wet, and I work with the part, it's fine enough that, as that Irish lady taught me, it'll stay pretty much wherever I put it as long as the wind's not an asshole all blowing it out of place and making me look like a retard.


    Before she told me to do that I was actually slinging it all the opposite way and it did not work as well and looked kind of dumb a lot of days.

    Sometimes I want to cut it because I kind of like the way my face looks when it's short.


    But my girlfriend likes it longer because she likes to run her fingers through it, and if I cut it shorter I wouldn't get shots like this occasionally.


    My advice to you, is keep it in a style that is comfortable for you, but at a length that your girl enjoys, I suspect that she likes it longer because it's soft to the touch, similar to mine, but that is just speculation.

    I do think you could rock the hell out of it at that length though, if you just spent 1-2 minutes brushing it in the morning, that is seriously all it takes.

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