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Android OS games for PAX East

f0cusf0cus Registered User regular
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Saw a thread about which iPhone games people were planning on bringing/playing, curious about the same for Android. Let me give you a little bit of background.

My girlfriend last year firmly decided on getting an Android phone after last year's PAX East, and seeing that most of the people with smart phones had Androids... not a huge gap, but something like 60%-40%. And since the "tech elite" had chosen Android, so would she. Since Android is growing in market share and iOS is shrinking, I figure that gap will most likely be even larger this year.

Now we're a year later, she has the phone she wanted, and it's becoming more and more of a legitimate gaming device. I'm curious as to which games people are playing together, or planning to play together this upcoming March. I've heard great things about Cestos and Sketch Online, but I'm wondering if there's anything big that I'm missing or haven't heard about.

Also do we think iOS or Android have grown to the point where we may actually see PAX having cell phone games on display? It very much promotes the indie/smaller aspect of gaming, and realistically cell phone gaming is becoming the best market for indie developers to start getting into the business. Case in point... Angry Birds.

Thanks in advance guys.

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