Looking for Advice on adding some DOF

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Hey, I recently began illustrating a web comic that my friend and I are trying to start, and I really don't know the first thing about drawing. I just recently signed up to this forum in an attempt to learn something.


Can I get some advice for shading this in a way that adds more depth of field. The thing on the right side of the panel is supposed to be in the foreground (that's the back of a character's head, in case my mediocre artwork makes it hard to tell). I still want to have the focus be on the character saying "Kalima." Also, that thing wrapped around the log is supposed to be a clay replica of the guy in the foreground. Any advice on making it look more "fake" as compared to the other characters? Currently, it's squiggly and deformed, and a little discolored, but any other suggestions would be helpful.

Basically, I'm just trying to achieve a proficiency that allows whomever is reading the comic to understand what, exactly, is going on in the panel.

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    Have you done any life drawings? Experience drawing actual objects will give you the experience needed to draw imaginary things.

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