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Dallas area PAXers meetup

R3cursiveR3cursive Registered User regular
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Hey friends, and fellow PAXers,

Ive been in Dallas for around 3 months, and have about 3 months more left of my term here, and in my humble opinion, its not a fun life unless you meet lots of awesome people. At least I have accommodations for about 10 people, even a small group of people getting together and getting to know new people would be a lot of fun, I was wondering if I was to host a little PAXers gaming session in Richardson, TX ( I do have a Kinect :) ) a little networking never hurt anyone. Pizza and drinks are def on me if people are interested, reply to this thread and let me know! Approx date would be around Dec 10. Looking forward do your responses.

--Kirk (aka R3cursive)

R3cursive on


  • R3cursiveR3cursive Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    Also, if anyone has any sort of ideas, id be open to suggestions ^_^

    R3cursive on
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