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Monitor Problems

StregoneStregone VA, USARegistered User regular
My monitor just crapped out. This morning it was displaying everything with a cyan tint and very contrasty. At first I thought the windows color management wigged out again. But, it was even making the BIOS boot screen cyan. So I grab my mom's monitor to check to see if it really is my monitor that has the problem. Turns out it is.

Problem now is that after windows boots up the temp replacement monitor doesn't display anything. When I should have reached the log in screen all I have is a blank screen. I have my tv hooked up to the computer, and I tried using that but the same thing happens. I am posting right now in safe mode. My old monitor was higher resolution than the one I am using now, which I think is causing the problem.

Any ideas?

Stregone on


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    XantusXantus Registered User regular
    edited November 2010
    plug your old monitor back in and lower the resolution? did you try making sure both ends of the VGA cable were secured? cyan tint is often a loose video cable...

    Xantus on
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