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Leslie "and don't call me Shirely" Nielsen dead at 84

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First off, if I could find a youtube of the original ransom where, like a pimp, he says, "...well you pay and they either return him or they don't, same if you don't pay, doesn't change the odds." Greatest movie line ever. Every thing else I saw before and after than from him was funny but that just sealed it right there. Must buy this movie and post it online!

Now, Leslie Nielsen, star of 'Airplane!' and 'Naked Gun,' dead at 84

This man did a lot of things and commanded respect in all of them. You have watched his schtick more times than you can remember.

Get out there

and make more tribute videos!

"Leslie has the ability to do two things: he can be menacing and scary and he can be incredibly stupid and funny, and he blends them both beautifully. He is a consummate actor-comedian.”

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