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Squishy tiles and Powerpoir [WINDOWS PHONE]

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Windows Phone (Or Windows Mobile 7, as it used to be called) is an interesting take on the ordinary phone OS.


Integration and snappy responsiveness seem to be the order of the day. Windows Phone looks to take things like Facebook and your contacts and combine them into a seamless, social window where you can peer into the everyday lives of your friends... and tankfully, the ""whether you want to or not" has been scrapped, as WP now allows you to disable Facebook integration into your contacts.

While the successful Android and iPhone markets continue to bang against each other, Microsoft seems to have taken a bit of a different route with WP.

Will it work?

Microsoft seems to think so, and their XBox Live and Zune integration points to a sort of "all-in" bet that their mobile solution will be able to compete with Google and Apples monoliths, going for more of a social integration than the other two systems.

So, what do you think? WP the next big thing? Just another failed grasp by the software giant to control yet another electronic market?

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ALERT: I've actually played with WP on the Samsung Focus, and the improvement from WM6.5 to WP is simply phenomenal. Responsiveness was tight, the required BACK START ZOOM buttons were always useful, and the slight vibrating tactile feedback from the device really made my day. I'm planning my upgrade in March, and I'd like to see how WP's marketplace and functionality expands in the next few months (Most notably copy/paste and being able to multitask 3rd party apps), otherwise I'm probably going Android.

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