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I'm setting up a coworker's iphone to automatically check her work email, but I can't seem to get it to alert her when she receives new email. In fact, I can't seem to get it to automatically check new for new mail. I have the account set up, and it's set up for push, but when the screen is off, the phone will not check for mail. Only after the phone wakes up and we go into the mail app does the phone check for new mail and an alert is played.

I would like the phone to check for new email periodically (push preferred so I don't have to have the phone do the checking), and alert her (audio and vibrate) upon receipt of new email. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

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    I think you just have to be patient. I don't think the email client wouks with Push, I think it's just intelligently checking the server - every few minutes if it's locked, but that gets overridden if you connect to the internet for something else.

    Lock the phone, send a test email, wait ten minutes. I'd be surprised if she didn't get it.

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    My 3GS has the exact same problem. I've just set it up to automatically fetch new every hour. You can do every hour, 30 mins, or 15 minutes. It's not exactly what I wanted but it does ok for me and I haven't really noticed a drop in battery life.

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    I believe the email server it's connected to has to explicitly support push for this to work. Bog-standard POP/IMAP servers generally don't. According to Wikipedia:
    Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch support Yahoo! push e-mail, Hotmail push e-mail (activated through the Dinsdale Panel), Gmail push e-mail (via Google Sync) and Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync platform, allowing them to synchronize e-mail, calendars and contacts with a Microsoft Exchange Server, Zimbra, NuevaSync or Kerio Connect. Apple's own MobileMe subscription-service for push email, contacts, and calendars is also supported.

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    I would strongly recommend reading DrFrylock's post thoroughly and considering all of his points individually.
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    I would like to state that unless your coworker is someone whose emails are extremely time sensitive, push is not worth the decrease in battery life.

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