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A Suggestion for Gabe or Tycho

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edited December 2010 in Critical Failures
Hey everyone, long time listener, first time writer.

My reason for breaking my far-gazing and actually writing today is I had what I thought to be a good idea for another P_A type of D&D online game. I do this partly because I live in Taiwan, and have almost NO chance of really ever doing much more than online interaction with you all...and partly because I'd love to play D&D with these great DMs.

It would go like this:
  1. Contestants would design a first-level character with various background stories and concepts.
  2. Characters would be judged, selected, & cut by a panel of PA-approved judges.
  3. Players that make the final cut would have to be available to play at all scheduled game times.
  4. The game would be played via web-conference or virtual gaming service. Details to be hammered out, but for things like die rolls, one solution could be that each player could have a separately cammed boxed-in area so rolls could be authenticated.

Firstly, this would rock, but it would also raise awareness for increasingly popular online tabletop gaming platforms, be a good plug for the tech used during the game, and a demonstration of the versatility of 4E D&D.

I'd love to have a chance to game with you all. So, let me have it...good idea or not? *prepares action to dodge potential raspberries*

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