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Depression, college transfers, and how do I fix this?

SpawnbrokerSpawnbroker Registered User regular
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Well, here's my first H/A thread in a while. I guess I'll get right into it.

I've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder for a few months now. I decided to go to a community college for the fall semester in order to get myself back on my feet, so to speak. I was doing fantastic until I had a really bad car accident that sent me into a depressed funk for the last month of the semester, going from having an A in every course to failing everything.

Here's where it gets tricky. I applied for transfer to two other schools during the course of this semester. One school was a generally well regarded state school, and the other is New York University. I got in to both of them, just recently receiving my letters of admission. Regardless of which school I choose, I feel that both of them will be wanting to look at my final semester transcript from the community college that I was at.

So here's my question, H/A. Who do I contact from the community college in order to get this semester voided? How do I get either of the new schools to accept me knowing that I have a voided semester, when the midterm grade reports I sent them had all As? Am I screwed? Help?

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    VeeveeVeevee WisconsinRegistered User regular
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    Go to student services and start asking people that last paragraph. There is no one here that can give you accurate advice (unless someone here has done this at your CC since each one works differently), so you have to just go straight to the source.

    unless you like to get our speculation first, then go and ask the exact same questions again

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    DeebaserDeebaser on my way to work in a suit and a tie Ahhhh...come on fucking guyRegistered User regular
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    Omsbudsman's office should be able to help

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    ceresceres When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning And the future has past without even a last desperate warningRegistered User, Moderator mod
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    I go to a state university, and I know they have a policy where with a note of some kind you can get the entire term voided, although you get no money back after the end of the withdrawal period.

    Call each school though, and ask about your situation. They might say it's better if you have the grades in, since they have a midterm report for you. And call today.

    If you do decide to try to have your term voided, find out what your school requires and do it as soon as you possibly can. It will probably be a lot harder to accomplish once grades are finalized, and that is going to be very soon.

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    InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
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    I've also dealt with depression and ended up taking a semester off and transferring schools due to it. I ended up having to leave not at the end, but almost half way through a semester because of it. What happened was I went to the admissions center (basically whatever center handles payments and enrollment) and told them I was going to have to withdraw.

    As far as my new school was concerned I never attended that semester. My grades, classes, etc. don't appear on any of my current transcripts. I only got a percentage of my tuition for that semester back and at this point I imagine it will probably be 0%.

    I know it sucks, but don't stress out about it. It's something they deal with a lot and not really a huge deal. Good luck on your future endeavors and I hope it gets better for you (I know mine comes and goes).

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    AwkAwk Registered User regular
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    Schools may also put you on whats called a probationary period, where they let you in the program, but with some limitations for a period of time. You cant allow your grades to slip under a certain gpa or else you get the boot. Check if theres something similar like this maybe.

    Dont fret, they want you in. They will work with you.

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