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Getting an SDHC car to look and act like a SD card

Mitch_ConnorsMitch_Connors Registered User regular
So I have reader that will only work with SD and I have an SDHC card I would like to try to use with the reader.

Bear with me.

So looking up the differences between SD and SDHC, it seems like it all comes down to the configuration of clusters/blocks/bytes, which translates into the SD(HC) size. Am I right?

Could it be possible to partition the SDHC into a 1g partition using the FAT16 format with a tool like gparted to trick an SD reader to treat the SDHC card like its SD?

I know this is kind of foolish but its a workaround for a specific problem encountered after buying the SDHC card as gift where the SDHC card was only a third of the intend gift but crucial piece of the delivery.

Any ideas?

Mitch_Connors on


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    DaedalusDaedalus Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    Basically, you can't. It's not about the partitioning, it's about the block addressing. SD(without HC) can't deal with more than 2GB being presented to it.

    Just get a 2GB SD card; they're cheap as hell.

    Daedalus on
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    Rigor MortisRigor Mortis Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    It may depend on the device. I've heard that they're different as well, but I decided to try FAT16ing a 4GB card to stick into my Kobo ereader (which claims no SDHC support) and lo, it worked.


    Rigor Mortis on
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