Great computer 3 years ago : now, not so much

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Okay, so my computer when I built it was fantastic, in my not particularly learned experience, quite top of the line - by far the nicest computer I'd ever owned.

Now, a few years on, it's not so hot. I'm running a bigger monitor, considering upgrading to a 3-monitor setup, and newer games with these bigger resolutions are definitely stuttering. I don't have the funding for top-of-the line I realize but I'm hoping that you kind people will be able to point me in the best direction to speed up my computer with a few hundred dollars.

Here is what I have :

32 bit Vista
GeForce 8800GTX+ Graphics Card
AMD 64X2 6000+ 3.01GHz dual core Processor
4gb (1+1+2) of G.skill RAM
Booting off an SSD, quite a few regular HDDs ranging from 320gb to 1tb, not in a RAID assembly.
M2N SLI Deluxe ASUS mainboard (Socket AM2)
750w Coolermaster power supply. This can handle my 8800GTX so I doubt it would have difficulty with any upgrades i can do in my price range.

I have money to spare for the first time in a year or so, but not much of it so I want to take it as far as I can.

What would be the best 200-400AUD to enhance my system? I feel bad making you guys do too much legwork, so if you want to use your expertise and pretend I have 150-300 US dollars I think prices will be comparable. My budget stretches in either direction in the interest of particularly good bang-for-buck.

What I'm after : better performance in video games, specifically at high resolution. First thing that comes to mind is GFX card but my intuition seems to advise that my processor may be more of a bottleneck? Obviously any upgrade would need to be socket AM2 as mobo+new processor probably wouldn't be fiscally possible (I am welcome to be proved wrong though!) I really don't know at this point which is why I'm reaching out to you smart fellas! Other consideration is getting more RAM (which WOULD mean I need to upgrade to 64 bit OS so I can't envision it being the best way to spend money).

tl;dr : I have the system referenced above and 200-400AUD. How should I upgrade my PC.
love yas! Happy Christmas!

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    webguy20webguy20 I spend too much time on the Internet Registered User regular
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    probably upgrade to the nvidia 2xx or ATI 48xx series of cards. the midrange ones. the 260 or 4850. Your processor will be your big bottleneck.

    Also your already losing access to some of your ram. 32bit can only access 4gigs total, so between your video card and system your over the 4G limit. I know when I had 4gigs system and a 1gig video card I was accessing only 3.25gigs system memory and 768megs video memory.

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    corky842corky842 Registered User regular
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    Your windows key will work for both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows.
    You can get a 64bit disc directly from MS: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/1033/ordermedia/default.mspx
    They say it's a "nominal fee" which was around 10 USD last time I tried it.

    Anything over 4gb would be a waste for gaming, since there are only a handful of games that even have that as recommended.

    Apparently you can use an am2+ or am3 cpu in an am2 socket.

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    bobmyknobbobmyknob 3DS Friend Code 4553-9974-2186 Registered User regular
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    You can also just download a copy of the 64-bit Windows 7 disc from here. If you already have Windows 7.

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