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Hey everyone,

Just thought I would post the boss strategy information for this zone that I've gleaned from a fairly extensive review of most boss strat sites. This is intended to help all those who are just stepping into Bastion to get a handle on how to handle these bosses. Hope it helps!

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Fight Summary: This boss has 5 additional minions of which only 3 are active any given week. On normal mode releasing these minions will mitigate special abilities they grant to either Halfus or the Protodrake. On heroic releasing these minions will also create negative side effects for the raid which are listed below. The most common strat is to do a hard dps burn at the beginning of the fight with 2 minions released which grant Halfus the worst abilities to manage. The minion released is by preference though it is very common for Time, Storm and the Whelps to be first.

*Difference between normal and heroic are the negative side effects of releasing the drakes/whelps.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
HP: 32,000,000
Furious Roar (at 50% for Halfus): 2 second raidwide stun that also inflicts 9-10k

Drakes and their Abilities
Slate Dragon:
Gives Halfus the "Maleficent Strikes" ability. Stacking mortal strike debuff, forces a tank swap at between 6 and 8 stacks.
Releasing Slate Dragon causes the BOSS (not the raid) to be stunned for 12 seconds periodically.
Heroic: Periodically stuns the raid for 15 seconds.

Nether Scion:
Gives Halfus the "Frenzy" ability. Increases attack speed by 100%.
Releasing Nether Scion reduces the BOSS: Chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 25%.
The nova occurs every 8 seconds.
Heroic:: Reduces the raid's damage

Time Warden:
Activates the proto-behemoth's "Fireball Barrage"
These fireballs target parts of the battlefield and leave an AoE fire that needs to be dodged.
Releasing the Time Warden slows down the fireballs, making them easier to dodge.
Heroic:: Roots players

Storm Rider:
Activates Halfus' "Shadow Nova" spell (needs to be interrupted)
Releasing the Storm Rider reduces the cast time of Shadow Nova by 100%, making it possible to interrupt.

Orphaned Emerald Whelps:
Activates the Proto-behemoth's "Scorching Breath" ability (causes lots of raid damage, needs to be healed)
Releasing the whelps reduces the damage dealt to the raid by the Proto-behemoth (might also reduce boss damage, unsure)

*The current belief is that the negative side effects of releasing the drakes does not occur on Normal difficulty, but is a quality of the heroic encounter.*
This seems to be the case since last night we released slate, but the raid did not get the 15 second stun.

Valiona & Theralion
Fight Summary
This is a 2 phase encounter with phase swithes roughly every 90 seconds. It involves 2 dragons that switch between a ground and flight phase. When one is on the ground then the other is flying. This represents the two phases. Dragon abilities correspond to the different phase. There are between 3 and 5 phase transitions. It involves 1 tank. There is a 10 minute enrage timer. Certain boss abilities will cause the player to be transfered to the Twilight Realm where they must avoid the pink balls and proceed to the pink portal.

HP: 32,000,000 (The dragons share a common hp pool)

Phase 1 (Valiona grounded, Theralion flying) Encounter begins in this phase

Phase 1 Summary: Tank engages Valion at her location and wheels Valion away from the raid group. Melee dps groups up on tail. Ranged dps form a semi-circle around boss with adequate space between each other. During Blackout ranged will group up on Melee dps quickly, dispel the debuff and return to original positions. During Devouring Flame ranged will group up on tail and move through the boss with melee to the other side of the boss. There are 2 Blackouts, and then Theralion casts Dazzling Destruction for the phase shift.

Tank: Pick up Valiona at her location, wheel away from the raid. *There is no cleave and no tail swipe*
Melee DPS: Form up around Valiona's tail
Ranged DPS: Spread out roughly 10 yards out in a semi circle around the boss.

Phase 1 Boss Abilities
Valiona (Grounded)
1. Blackout: Dispellable debuff that absorbs 20,000 healing on target. When dispelled causes 250,000 dmg that is split between all nearby players. Raid groups up on target at Valion's tail for the removal.
2. Devouring Flame: Valiona will face a random raid member and, after 3 second case, engulf half the room in flame. Everyone needs to run through the boss to avoid this.

Theralion (Flying)
1. Twilight Blast: Targets one person and inflicts 19,000 to 20,000 shadow damage to the targeted player and anyone within 8 yards. Hence the reason why ranged must be spread out during this phase. Assumption is that melee dps group can be healed with AoE healing abilities.
2. Dazzling Destruction: Occurs at the phase shift. Swirling pink ground effect that must be avoided. Those caught within will be transported to the Twilght Realm. There are 3 waves of this.

Phase 2 (Valiona Flying, Theralion grounded)
Phase Summary: Melee dps and ranged will form separate groups that will move in unison. Those who receive Engulfing Magic need to move away from their respective group. Ranged group will move in a clockwise circle around the bossto avoid Fabulous Flame void zones. Person in this group targeted with Engulfing Magic moves to the Ranged groups previous position. Melee dps will simply move away from the group. There will be 2 Engulfing Magics and then Valiona will deep breath to announce the phase transition.

Note: If you get both Engulfing Magic and Twilight Meteorite at the same time then the targeted person has to simply stop what they are doing until Engulfing Magic goes away.

Phase 2 Positioning
Tank: Tank Theralion in the center of the room.
Melee Group: Stays on the tail. Person targeted with Engulfing Magic moves away from group.
Ranged Group: Moves in a clockwise circle around the center of the room...where the boss is being tanked.

Phase 2 Boss Abilities
Theralion (Grounded)
1. Engulfing Magic: Single target debuff that mirrors all dmage and healing you do to allies within 10 yards of the targeted player. The target needs to move away from the group.
2. Fabulous Flames: Void zones are formed under the player that have to be avoided at all costs as they do 10k-12k per second on those underneath.

Valiona (Flying)
1. Twilight Meteorite: Randomly targeted debuff with a 6 second cast that inflicts between 117,000 and 123,000 damage to the player and which can be split amongst nearby players. Person targeted will have a purple arrow above their heads. This is why we have ranged and melee dps groups.
2. Deep Breath: A breath weapon that covers 1/3 of the room and which occurs 3 times. Raid will need to move between open sections. The weaopn does 14,000 to 16,000 dmg and will transport anyone caught to the Twilight Realm.

Twilight Ascendants
Twilight Ascendants
Fight Summary: This fight has 3 phases. The first two phases each have 2 council members. In each of the first two phases both bosses will despawn when one of the individual members reaches 25%. Both phase 1 and phase 2 council members must be dps’d at the same rate so that they are both near 25% when they despawn. The final phase has a single member whose hit points are the combined totals of the previous 2 phases council members when they despawned.

Phase 1 (Feludius & Ignacious)
Phase 1 Summary: Ranged DPS on Felundius. Melee DPS on Ignacious. Ideal for both to be near 25% when they despawn. Dispel all debuffs except waterlogged. *Hydro Lance must be interrupted*. When Ignacious casts Agis of Flame all dps must switch to him and interrupt as soon as his shield drops. If a player gets Waterlogged debuff then they need to move to one of the fire patches on the ground.

Phase 1 Positioning:
Tanks: Tank the mobs where they are standing, just faced away from the raid. When Glaciate cast tanks move awawy and then move back in.
Melee DPS: Focus on Ignacious
Ranged DPS: Focus on Feldunius

Heart of Ice: An icy cold grips the target's heart, dealing increasing Frost damage every 2 sec (2,000/4,000/8,000 etc). Magic dispellable. If the target comes in contact with other allies, however, they are empowered with Frost energy. Frost Imbued players deal additional damage to Ignacious.
Hydrolance: Deals 45000 to 55000 Frost damage to a random target.
Waterbomb: Inflicts 9750 to 10250 frost damage to enemies within 6 yards, applying the Waterlogged debuff.
Waterlogged: Soaks an enemy with icy water, reducing movement speed by 25%. While soaked, enemies are susceptible to certain Frost-based attacks. Exposure to flame can remove this effect.
Glaciate: Deals massive Frost damage to any nearby enemies, with damage decreasing with distance from the caster. Any enemies who are waterlogged will have the blood in their veins frozen.
Frozen Blood: Freezes a waterlogged enemy solid, stunning and dealing 20000 Frost damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

Burning Blood: Deals increasing Fire damage to an enemy every 2 sec (2,000/4,000/8,000 etc). Magic dispellable. Nearby allies are empowered with fire energy each tick however. Fire imbued players deal additional damage to Feludius.
Agis of Flame: Surrounds the caster with a radiant shield of flame, absorbing 1,000,000 damage and preventing spell interruption while active.
Flame Torrent: Inflicts 36075 to 41925 Fire damage every 1 sec for 3 sec in a 18 yard cone in front of the caster.
Inferno Leap: Leaps at an enemy, inflicting 23125 to 26875 Fire damage and knocking all nearby enemies away.
• Inferno Rush: Ignacious rushes back to his primary aggro target leaving a trail of flames. The flame trail will inflict 4625 to 5375 Fire damage every 0.5 sec and remove Waterlogged.
Rising Flame: Cast immediately after Aegis of Flame. Deals increasing Fire damage to every player in the room over time until interrupted.

Phase 2 (Arion & Terrastra)
Phase 2 Summary: The strategy for this fight is to use the one member’s debuff (Arion – Call Winds, Terrastra – Gravity Well) to counter the strongest attack of the other member. This strong attack takes the form of an AoE. (Arion – Thundershock, Terrastra – Quake). This is Call Winds for Arion and Gravity Well for Terrastra. All dps must focus on Terrastra when he casts Harden Skin on himself.

DPS begins the phase focusing on Arion until he blinks away and then they switch to Terrastra once Harden Skin is cast. Players that receive a yellow arrow have been targeted for Chain Lightning and need to move away from the rest of the group.

Same as phase 1…both members need to be near 25% when they despawn.

Phase 2 Positioning: Tank A lot of running around during this phase so no real positions. Make sure everyone is spread out to mitigate chain lightning.
1. Call Winds: Focuses and agitates the nearby air into a violent cyclone. Entering the Cyclone will cause 7,000 nature damage and give the player the swirling winds debuff which levitates the player into the air.
2. Lightning Rod: Marks an enemy to attract electrical attacks. Arion will cast his Chain Lightning at this player. Marks several people.
3. Chain Lightning: Fires a blast of lightning at enemies who have been attuned to attract electricity, dealing 9500 to 10500 Nature damage and bouncing to additional nearby targets.
4. Disperse: Arion dissolves into swirling wind and materializes elsewhere in the room.
5. Lightning Blast: Blasts an enemy with concentrated lightning, inflicting 72000 to 88000 Nature damage. Cast on Arion's tank immediately after Disperse.
6. Thundershock: Deals 146250 to 153750 Nature damage to all nearby enemies. Less effective against grounded targets. More effective against airborne targets.

Gravity Well: Creates a Gravity Well that firmly connects nearby players to the earth, granting resistance to some powerful electrical attacks. Lasts 2 min or until another force lifts the target from the ground.
Gravity Core: Applied on entering a Gravity Well. Crushes an enemy with intense gravitational force, inflicting 10000 Physical damage every 2sec for 10 sec. While the target is affected, the gravitational field periodically hinders the movement and actions of nearby allies.
Harden Skin: The caster's skin hardens into solid rock, increasing Physical damage dealt by 100% and absorbing 50% of all damage taken, up to 650000. If the caster suffers enough damage, this barrier will shatter, grievously wounding the caster.
Eruption: Fires a spike through the floor, impaling all targets within 4 yards, dealing 47125 to 52875 damage and knocking them up in the air. This attack ignores armor.
Quake: Sends massive shockwaves through the earth, dealing 146250 to 153750 damage to all enemies who are in contact with the ground. More effective against (gravity well) grounded targets. (Note Priest levitate will NOT help you.)

Phase 3 (Elementium Monstrsity)
Phase Summary: The DPS Burn of the fight since the Monstrosity increases in intensity the longer it is alive. This is why it is critical that its HP be as low as possible which means proper execution of Phases 1 and 2 to ensure it is as close to 25% as possible.

Phase Positioning: Have ranged and healers in the center of the room, but spread out, and the tank will move the boss in a circle around the room’s perimeter. This will ensure the Monstrosity does not linger long in a liquid ice patch since this patch grows in size the longer the Monstrosity stands in it.

Lava Seed: Showers the surrounding area with kernels of pure Flame energy (void zones), each of which erupts to deal 35000 to 45000 Fire damage to nearby enemies as Lava Plume
Liquid Ice: The Monstrosity is preturnaturally cold, freezing the ground beneath it. The pools of ice will grow with continued exposure to the Monstrosity, dealing increasing Frost damage to enemies exposed to them. Essentially this ability is Defile from the Lich King but expands when the boss stands in it, rather than players.
Electric Instability: Constant nature damage to random raid members, increasing in intensity the longer the Elementium Monstrosity is alive. Overloaded with raw lightning energy, the caster zaps nearby enemies for 5655 to 6345 Nature damage, chaining to nearby targets. Functions identically to Entropius' Negative Energy in Sunwell Plateau.
Gravity Crush: Traps an enemy in a gravity bubble, lifting them off the ground and crushing them for 10% of their maximum health every 0.5 sec for 6 sec. When the effect ends, the target will be left to fall to the ground.


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