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Need help with android [new OS lost contacts]

Gnome-InterruptusGnome-Interruptus Registered User regular
So I performed the update to the new Gingerbread OS on my Android phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia) and I performed the data backup and restore to transfer all of my data over, yet when I go into my phone book it has lost all of my contacts.

When I go into my old text message convo's, it shows the names of people there, and when I recieve a call from someone, it will recognize them.

Yet, if I want to dial out to them using my Phone book, I have to re-enter their name and phone number.

My Google-fu only turned up one other article on the issue, and the resolution was apparently that Google would restore them, somehow....

Please elaborate or assist.

MWO: Adamski
Gnome-Interruptus on


  • General_WinGeneral_Win Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    All my android contacts arestored in my gmail account, so when I resynched I get all my contacts back. If you stored all your contacts on your phone, then I think they're gone forever.

    General_Win on
  • Gnome-InterruptusGnome-Interruptus Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    The phone does still have a large number of them, they just dont seem to show up within the 'Phonebook' portion of my dialer.

    For example, earlier tonight I was sending a text to a friend, and when searching for the contact to send the text to, it had all of my contacts in there.

    My main issue is when wanting to call someone to speak to them, the numbers are not showing up within the 'Phonebook' so that I can dial them directly through there, instead of having to have the phone number memorized or recreating all of my contacts within the 'Phonebook'.

    Gnome-Interruptus on
    MWO: Adamski
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