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New Orleans Vacation

RhalloTonnyRhalloTonny Of the BrownlandsRegistered User regular
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So, tell me- what are some interesting things to do in New Orleans? I'll be down there for a few days and would like to know what about it people love so much!

I've heard there is good music, and jazz but where? (As in, specifics)

How about places to eat? What about stuff to do during the day?

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  • OhtheVogonityOhtheVogonity Registered User regular
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    Go to Frenchmen street any night of the week. There's a whole district of music clubs there and you can wander from place to place pretty freely (only a handful of the places charge cover).

    For places to eat, get the hell out of the French Quarter. It's just too hard to find a place that doesn't suck and costs more than it's worth, with the notable exception of Koop's Korner on Decatur (near the French Market), which I enjoy thoroughly.

    For straight up good food for every occasion go to Juan's Flying Burrito (a creole taqueria with locations in Mid City and the Lower Garden District) or get a sandwich at Stein's Deli (Irish Channel). For a classy meal go to Boucherie (waaay the fuck Uptown in the Riverbend), Coquette (Garden District), or Delmonico (yes, it's owned by Emeril but they do beautiful things with meat).

    As for what to do with the day, just wander around. Take the street car on St.Charles and just soak it in. To me, what makes New Orleans great isn't about things to go look at or attractions, it's about lifestyle. People are friendly, relaxed, and sometimes even genteel. Buy a bottle of champagne and sit in Jackson square and watch people walking around being people. Explore nooks and crannies. If you see an interesting character in a bar, talk to them.

    Visitors often get concerned about the city's reputation as dangerous. Yes, it is. It's not a warzone, but bad things happen here more often than other places. It's not a city with strictly segregated neighborhoods. You can be walking along and all of the sudden you're in a bad neighborhood. Two blocks later and it's shiny and perfect. And so on. So, safety tips: Don't get so wasted you become a target. If you do, don't get separated from your friends. Take a cab.

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