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Requesting Monitor Help.

Chases Street DemonsChases Street Demons Registered User regular
Hey all -

I have a Samsung 220 WM

Up until a few weeks ago this monitor was a beauty. Then I experienced a motherboard failure and had to send the computer off to the shop for repairs. New Mobo, new vid cards and now the tower is back - but the monitor is failing.

Power is good, when I connect the display adapter (using white DVI cords) the monitor flashes for a split second with my desktop background, then goes black. Hitting input twice brings the image back, but only for a second or two.

Here's where it gets weird from my perspective - the image the monitor is showing is of my desktop background. There are no icons and no mouse pointer for the split second the background is up, and then it flashes to black again. I swapped power cords and DVI input cords to no avail. Tried hooking up the monitor to my wife's computer, get the same background then black. So it's something in the monitor, but I have no idea what. All documentation for the monitor is long gone. Pressing adjustment buttons on the front does nothing.

I looked the case over thoroughly and don't see anything out of place; no damage and no "press this to fix your problem" buttons. The only thing of interest is a small slot on the back which has an icon of a lock with ">|" inside. This leads me to believe that this somehow opens the monitor case - but it could also be for the death ray.

I beseech you for your help. I can go replace the monitor for 130$ or so but I suspect there's an easy fix to this.

Edit: removed some incorrect information. When the monitor flashes on I get my current desktop, with no icons and no mouse movement.

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