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Go Fast Turn Left [NASCAR]

KlendyKlendy GoomyGoomyGoomyRegistered User regular
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2010's over, and Jimmie's now a five time champ.

So once I got done crying about it, I figured I'd make a thread about NASCAR.

Lots of new things in 2011:

New nose:

New Daytona Surface:

New Track: (Spoiler'd for big)

Volkswagen and Fuel Injection:

And the sponsor swap! Jeff Gordon is now sponsored by Old people. (But it's fork a good cause)

Oh yeah, and some British guys are making a new NASCAR Game.

And I swear on my life Brian France, if you expand / make the chase elimination I will ki... cook you a nice dinner. >.>

Anywhoo: Daytona 500 is not too far away! Get excited for preseason thunder!


Klendy on


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    StaleghotiStaleghoti Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    The Nascar in Gran Turismo 5 is hard

    Staleghoti on
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    KlendyKlendy Goomy GoomyGoomyRegistered User regular
    edited January 2011
    The NASCAR in Gran Turismo is stupid.

    I realize they're trying to do seventhousandfive things in that game, but cripes.


    It's SO awful. Almost worse than anything EA ever published.

    Klendy on

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