Falling Skies - Aliens occupied by occupation[Darkhorse]

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Anyone check out this webcomic? I have a hard copy of the first issue that I got from work[I work for a marketing company that is doing some of the campaigning for the comic and TNT's upcoming television series] and I like what I have been seeing.

The pace is frantic, the series storyboards the frantic events of an alien invasion, which places Tom Mason, and his three sons, Hal, Ben and Matt in a struggle to survive as they fight back against the aliens that have invaded the earth.
One of the best parts that I have seen is the drama caused by Ben's kidnapping by the aliens. Tom's joining of 2nd mass, a resistance organization[kinda reminds me of the Maquis from DS9] is kinda the harrowing plot line in the book right now.

The webcomic can be found here, like I said it's from Darkhorse-- Falling Skies

I enjoy the series and I think I will enjoy the television show a lot when it airs this summer, especially as the comic is kinda a prequel to the events of TNT's drama. Anyone read this one, or plan on checking it out?

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