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Video Calibration question

idlehandsidlehands Registered User new member
I finally upgraded to a 60" Sharp LCD hdtv, and now all my music games are totally jacked up. DDR, Rockband, karaoke etc. Some of them have calibration settings, and some don't. While searching for help, there seems to be specific tutorials for RB calibration, and some hints on auto calibration with new hardware in RB 2 etc.

Whats the definitive guide? This whole mess is specifically why i didn't want to go HDMI in the first place. when I was using component only through my Marantz receiver to a Panasonic rear projection tv there were no issue.

Now that I'm going composite from ps2 -> receiver -> hdmi ->tv everything is atrocious.

Are there better solutions than playing endlessly with the calibration settings? Maybe going composite -> tv and optical -> receiver?

Or is it better if i go ps3->hdmi-> receiver->tv? I wouldn't mind having a reason to upgrade mind you.

The thought of manually calibrating each game and still not having it 100% perfect does not fill me with a sense of wonder.

sorry if this has been covered ad nasuem, I don't seem to have permission to search.

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    AnakinOUAnakinOU Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    HDMI isn't the cause of your's the LCD. Dig into your TV's configuration, look for "Game" may be able to cut out some of the input/display lag.

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