Instant Switching Between Monitors?

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So I have this set up where I can switch my PC's display on either my PC monitor or my LCD TV. Both are at a resolution of 1920x1080, my PC monitor connected with HDMI, my TV with HDMI with a DVI adapter.

I have an HDMI switch connected to my TV, with one of the ports reserved for the PC/TV connection. My question is: is there any way I can have the PC automatically switch its display over to my TV once I switch to the HDMI switch's input for the PC? Normally I have to manually open up the desktop screen and have it point to the TV as the main display. If there's a way I can have it automatically switch from one to the other with a simple click, that would be helpful.

On that subject, is it also possible to have the audio output automatically switch from my PC's speakers to the TV's, at the same time I'm switching displays? Pretty sure this is doable, as it worked in the past, I just wasn't sure how I pulled it off.

And finally, is there a way to have it automatically switch to the correct audio output AND switch from 2ch to 5.1 whenever I'm switching to TV?

As you may have guessed, I typically use the TV connection when I'm playing a high-profile PC game or movie and want to use surround sound. I'm trying to speed up the connection process, so I appreciate the help.

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    amnesiasoftamnesiasoft Thick Creamy Furry Registered User regular
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    I would think you'd want something like this so you only use 1 HDMI output on your computer. There also should be some way to get the audio output going over HDMI (the way you worded it implies you have an HDMI port on your PC, which should be able to handle audio unlike DVI>HDMI without weirdness). I'm not entirely sure on how to handle the stereo>surround thing though.

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    i would think that your best bet would be to look into getting a macro-programmable TV remote like a logitech harmony advance. I know that some of them "learn" by something like pressing the button on the TV remote then pressing the button on the harmony you want to do the same function with. Then you could look into having it press the right buttons in sequence. There might be models that come with IR receivers for your computer, and if that's the case then you could program it to do the right stuff for choosing the source.

    I'm not sure how plausible it is to get all of that at once though, but it's worth investigating.

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