Suggestions on Internet/Cable TV Provider?

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So my house has basically enjoyed a Comcast service for a couple of years now, with a service that gives us both internet and HD TV through coaxial cable. Despite many friends and online colleagues voicing their hatred over Comcast, I didn't give it much thought.

Until now. The past week and a half has resulted in a spotty service, with neighborhood outages that have shut off both the internet and TV completely. Just last night it went down again, and didn't finally come back on until two hours ago. Not to mention that even after a year of promises, we still don't have the most basic HD channels such as Comedy Central and Cartoon Network.

So I want to start researching better alternatives: I want a service that is not only reputably great, but also offers a similar TV/internet package at a similar (if not cheaper/slightly more) cost. I live in Florida, zip code 33018 just for reference.

No premium packages for TV, just the bare essentials, but with DVR included.

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    mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
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    I've never once lived in a location with more than one cable provider. I believe a few such locations exist, bu they are rare.

    However, in many areas local phone providers (such as Qwest, here) partner with either DirectTV or Dish Network to provide package deals for TV/internet. Obviously what kind of DSL service you have available will vary greatly based on your specific location (like, beyond just zip code). But worth looking in to, if dish is an option for you.

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    Can you get FIOS? So much more reliable then Comcast which has been horrible anywhere i have lived.

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    If you can get FIOS in your area, for the love of god, do it. It's actually cheaper than a lot of broadband providers, and the difference is staggering. Considering the storms Florida tends to get, I'd steer clear of dish.

    Not sure what the situation is in Southern Florida, but here in central FL, lots of areas seem to have a pretty heavy Bright House presence. That's what we have, and best I could describe is middle of the road. Connection speed is nothing special, but flat out connection drops seem to be minimal to non-existant, and throttling download speeds don't seem to be a strategy they employ.

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