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Laptop Power Brick Cables

AyulinAyulin Registered User regular
I'm not sure if this should go here, or in H/A; it kind of relates more to electrical stuff, but the electrical device in question is a laptop power adapter.

I just got a laptop off of eBay, which, being shipped from the US and all, came with a power brick with a US plug. Since it's a laptop power brick I have no issues plugging it into the wall here (Singapore) since it's rated for 100 to 240 V - just like every laptop power brick.

The thing is, I have to use an adapter to actually plug it into the wall; we use the same power plugs as the UK over here (pictures here for reference).

I can get a cable that plugs into the power brick and has the three pin plug that would go straight into the wall. The power brick has a connector like this one here. I've seen a cable that would fit into this in a shop, so I've no problems just going out and getting it.

The issue I have is this: we have another laptop here of the same make and manufacturer, with a locally-issued power brick, and it has a connector like this. The obvious thing that stands out to me is: the US-issued power brick has only 2 prongs, and 2 "inputs" into the brick. The local one has 3 prongs, and 3 "inputs". The cable I'm looking at has 3 prongs and 2 "inputs". Would that cause any issues? My reasoning is no, since it wouldn't make sense to make a cable that would wreck anything it were plugged into - I'd like to be sure, though.

(I have zero electrical experience, so this is probably a stupid, stupid question.)

Ayulin on


  • ronyaronya Arrrrrf. the ivory tower's basementRegistered User regular
    edited January 2011
    That shouldn't cause any issues.

    Sim Lim Square will have the cables. Other places in Singapore will, too, but SLS will definitely have them.

    Being eBay'ed material, it may be worth comparing the US power brick with the local power brick; the local one is retail, right? Check that the power output (to the laptop, not from the wall to the brick) of the ebay'ed power brick is actually the same. It seems strange that one is earthed and one is not, so perhaps the ebay'ed power brick isn't actually made for the laptop. If it doesn't match, and you're worried of damaging the laptop over time, you can get power bricks in Sim Lim, too.

    ronya on
  • AyulinAyulin Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Just compared the two: they match exactly. Guess I'll go and grab that cable, then.

    Thanks :D

    Ayulin on
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