Pelican Bay

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Hi all,

I've just completed Part 1 but couldn't find the last set of robots - & therefore couldn't upgrade the final weapon - before meeting the big guy. I _did_ save just prior to wasting him & would like to go back & get the little guys.

Does anyone know where they might be hiding out or is it too vague a question, seeing as there were obviously several sets? Were any of them hiding in buildings, perhaps? I've gone through Pelican Bay again & again in my lame attempts to find them. *sob*

Thanks for all & any responses.


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    spoilered for, well... spoiler
    the ff's are
    - in the green boxes (two times, or three - though I think one is a blue box off the top of my head): 150 parts
    - in the old shoe just before the ballgame and the gate: 50 parts
    - in the milk bottles: 50 parts
    - in the dead seagulls (three times), one of which is the last 100 parts, close to the 'big light' after you pass the gate

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    There are some great walkthrough guides out there if you search on google. Helped me find the one painting I didn't have.

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