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Geek Nation Tours is looking for Speakers

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Hello and good day all,

Robert Khoo from PAX suggested I post here.

Geek Nation Tours is a tour company dedicated to the Geek in all his and her multifaceted interests. It creates holidays for Geeks by Geeks. Our tours include Geeky conventions, tournaments and tours to places of historical significance to the Geek. Our mandate is to give people the opportunity to revel in their Geekiness and to travel the globe seeking those things that they love to do. They will be joined by other like minded persons who are just as interested in the tour, so not only would they have a holiday but also the chance to develop long lasting friendships. Geek Nation Tours specializes in bringing people from all around the world to these places and events. Geek Nation Tours also makes sure each participant gets to enjoy not only the Geeky goodness of any one event but also helps them to experience the destination itself.

Check us out at:

We are currently looking for veteran PAX participants to speak at our "Welcome Dinner" for our PAX Prime Tour...Basically we hope to give our newbie PAX goers a glimpse into PAX and to really get the most out of the convention. The theme will be "How to Get the Most Out of PAX" and we hope to have about 3 - 4 speakers (10 to 15 minutes each). This will be followed by a round table Q and A. ...Keep in mind that Geek Nation Tours participants are normally very savvy and quite enjoyable to be around. They are not only very interested in the subject matter but are also very social and intelligent. Add that fact to the basic excitement of being on the tour with like-minded people and the dinner is normally very very fun indeed.

We have a couple of things that might coax you into offering your time…If you are interested email me at


All the Best

Teras I. Cassidy

TIC on


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    You may want to post this in the PAX forum in the PAX Prime 2011 thread too.

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