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2nd hand filming equipment

TheOrangeTheOrange Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Hello H/A,

As you probably know, I'm coming from Saudi Arabia to Pax this march. And was wondering if there is a 2nd hand store in NYC that could help me out.

A group of the guys and I were thinking of doing a youtube project, and while a camera is probably the most expensive part of this endevor it has the advantage of being an electronic device and is usually better to buy thous new. What's ruining my day though is the lack of Mic varity; you know, there is that kind that you can hang from a long pole to drop on your actors if you wanted, or thous small ones you can attach to your shirt, I want thous :(.

Indi projects are rare here and thats why there isn't enough demand for that kind of market to boom.

Thanks guys

TheOrange on
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