[Bloodline Champions] -PURE- PVP ACTION : 100% Skill Based Arena

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From what I can see here on the forum, not many of you know about Bloodline Champions!

Some will say it's a DOTA clone, when it has nothing to do with that game.
The similarities end at their camera angles (top view).


If you enjoy PVP in your MMOs, you've already been outmatched by your opponent because he spent more time grinding then you did.
Sometimes when it's a close fight, you miss and your opponent gets that last hit.
In Bloodline Champions there is none of that. No critical hits, no items, no dice-roll misses.
It's all about your capabilities being pitted against your enemy's.


The game is currently in open-beta. Once launch hits, there won't be any wipe.
Anything you earn will stay with you.

Feel free to add me in-game! (Just add "Lalabu")

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    Game's not an mmo, and there's already a thread for it.

    It's also out of beta, and you can buy it.

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    Well Golly. Thanks! I was hoping people know about this already!

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    You also have only three posts and joined today just to make a thread on this game. It's very likely you are a plant pimping your company's game.

    Don't bother denying it. Your future posting habits will speak for itself. But we get a few plants in the MOO forum and it's not entirely appreciated. We DO enjoy having devs and PR talk with us if they are upfront about it.

    I thought the game was a MOBA, but that's not exactly a mark against it.

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