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want a tablet/net-vertible

mrmrmrmr Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Let's see what kinda info any of you guys have on this.

I am looking for a tablet-pc/netvertible. A netvertible, if you don't know, is a netbook where the screen can rotate/flip and become a touch-screen tablet-like appliance. My main reasons are for portability purposes. I am a college student, so I get more than a bit of online reading to do. Something like this would help so I don't have to sit at my computer and read or print an asston of paper (or pay for it if I'm on campus). I just cannot read long lengths sitting on my computer chair. I want to take something with me and sit down in a comfy chair, lie on a couch, etc, especially if I cannot find a computer to use on campus. Other big uses are similar, in that I also have an ever-growing digital comic collection. I want something that can read all these comics (in .cbr format, a program like ComicRack preferably) on the go. Being able to flip the screen into a handheld comic viewer is especially attractive to me. Other uses I'd have include homework, note taking, and other related things.

Other specifics that I'm looking for:
-Fast. Not expecting a speed demon, but something that won't take forever to load up or turn on the interwebs.
-Windows. I just like something familiar. No iPads, thanks.
-Good touchscreen tech.
-Large screen. Looking at 10-ish inches, for better document viewing.
-Price? I dunno. I don't mind paying a bit if it's sure to be what I want. Over $600 would be stretching it tho.

Can't think of anything else atm.

Or, if you can't think of anything specific, the little digging around I've done has yielded these two interesting ideas.
A newer ASUS brand
Dell Inspiron Duo (This one has been recommended, especially for running ComicRack, pretty much reason number one why I looked into it)

So what can you tell me or recommend me, if at all, H/A?

Practice Round, my blog where I talk (mostly) about comics.
mrmr on


  • ImprovoloneImprovolone Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Asus showed some reeeeally nice looking stuff at CES not too long ago. The ones that actually get produced should be hitting market by the end of the year.


    Improvolone on
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  • illigillig Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    windows really isn't a touchscreen OS - you'll be doing yourself a disservice by buying a windows based tablet since by default the controls are designed for a mouse or at worst a stylus... and the various overlays (like what HP uses, as an example) that make it finger friendly are inconsistent in their implementation

    iOS or Android (or the upcoming web OS tablets) are really better choices since they were designed from the ground up for hand/finger control

    illig on
  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    The Asus you linked, and all their notebook touchscreens I've used are resistive touchscreens. And the Dell is a capacitive touchscreen.

    In my experience capacitive touchscreens are more responsive to finger use (they usually don't support styli either).

    Resistive screens need more pressure to register contact/clicks, and on the 9" version of that Asus the screen sensitivity goes wonky at the edges. However, it's possible to have stylus use.

    I'd really try both technologies out before I'd buy if I were you.

    While browsing on the Asus I found I preferred using the stylus to a finger.

    Djeet on
  • mrmrmrmr Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    The thing I want a windows OS for is that it is for sure able to run the programs I want to primarily use on a portable device like this. As I mentioned, I use the ComicRack software very often and I know it works on windows. Other types have workarounds I believe, but they involve more work than I'd like to bother. The touchscreen capabilities aren't the biggest concern of mine, it's just how the screen can become a flat viewing surface that I can hold like a book. Basically scrolling with my finger or stylus and clicking on things is the extent I can forsee using that.

    Then again, if anyone knows how to transfer all my digital comics onto a kindle or the like I'd be happy to hear it. But I'm pretty sure that isn't an option. :/

    mrmr on
    Practice Round, my blog where I talk (mostly) about comics.
  • AurinAurin Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Actually, it's an option. Calibre converts cbr files to epub and anything else you can use on an ereader.

    Aurin on
  • chupamiubrechupamiubre Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Both people i know who own the new ASUS Eee Slate love the thing.

    chupamiubre on
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