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Should I have bought this? (Laptop purchased for Gaming)

nonplussednonplussed Registered User regular
Sorry if this belongs in H/A but I figured it'd be better addressed here where all the technogods reside.

A relative of mine works at Sony and I recently grabbed this for 25% off what it was retailing for because it was a display model.

I like it enough, and all I'm really hoping it'll be able to do is play Star Wars: The Old Republic when it decides to release, but I'm having some buyers remorse because it was chugging on some of the more graphically intense games (which I'm fully aware is the nature of the "Gaming Laptop" for the price I paid).

Should I return it?

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    taliosfalcontaliosfalcon Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    It'll definitely play The old republic, a to whether or not you should return it or not I don't think anyone can really tell you one way or another, it looks like a decent machine but no one but you knows if you'll use it enough to get your moneys worth

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