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iPhone 3G update problem, error code 1611

VicVic Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I have had problems with using my iPhone 3G (generation 2) ever since I got my Windows 7 64 bit computer. At the start I was sometimes able to connect to iTunes properly, but soon enough this became entirely impossible. I eventually gave up and decided to use the iPhone entirely without a computer. Because of this I have been using an outdated iPhone OS for ages.

Today I plugged in the iPhone and it seemed to work fine, so I decided to try to let my computer upgrade it. Of course it managed to brick the phone instead. It should be mentioned that this has happened once before, about six months ago, and I have no idea what possessed me to do that same stupid mistake again. That time I gave in and used a different computer to get the phone working again and lost all my contacts and media.

The situation:
My iPhone is nonfunctional, requesting that I plug it into iTunes. It is possible to enter DFU mode. When I plug it in and try to restore I get the 1611 error code. From the apple website:
Error 23, 28, 29, 40, 1002, 1011, 1012, 1014, 1611: These errors may indicate a hardware issue with your device. Follow the steps in this article and also attempt to restore while connected with a known-good 30-pin Dock Connector cable, computer, and network to isolate this issue to the device. If the MAC address is missing or the IMEI is the default value (00 499901 064000 0), this can also confirm a hardware issue.

iTunes is updated to the latest version
Windows is updated to the latest version
I use the USB ports that are directly on my motherboard, I think it is an Asus P7P550 LE
It might be worth noting that I have not jailbreaked my phone.

What I have tried:
Switching USB ports
Restarting the computer and then switching USB ports
Reinstalling iTunes
Updating to OS 4.1. Got error code 20008

While googling the issue I have seen many suspicious "fixes" including downloading programs, some of them jailbreaking software, and I was understandably suspicious about trying these.
I have not tried doing the update on a different computer this time, as I am still hanging on to the hope that I might somehow get my contacts and media back. I have become desperate enough to look into an application called Tiny Umbrella that can supposedly kick an iPhone out of recovery mode to allow you to use it without the update.

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    VicVic Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Figured out how to move my backup copy to another computer, but I had no luck syncing my iPhone with it once I restored it. Guess it was corrupted or something.

    In any case I guess there is no need for help anymore, I will certainly never connect it to this computer again.

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