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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read all About It...

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King James I the first may have said that "no news is better than evil news," but it is unlikely he was a fan of comic books. In Graphic Violence we are, we love news, love it like a devoted mother, and like devoted mothers we gather to share our news, arguing over whose has the prettiest eyes.

Over the years there has been much news in the comic industry, some good, some bad. But here all news is welcome, unless it is about Spider-Woman, in which case nobody cares. Currently the big event on the horizon is Fear Itself from Marvel, which is presumably about fear.


It would also seem to be about hammers. Whar fear has to do with hammers I don't know, but are you going to tell these guys that their hammer love is stupid? I think not.


So, loyal citizens, should you heareth any news, verily, bringeth it here so that it maybe duscusseth in this, the year of our lord MMXI.

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